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Procurement: Managing a large – often the largest – part of your organisation…..
  • …where most of your income goes
  • …staffed by people you don’t employ
  • …whose operations you cant easily see
  • …with different shareholders
  • …who have other demanding customers


If you manage your supply base using gut feel and common sense, then how are you different from your competition?  The best performing organisations not only pay less for the same services and goods, they also create astonishing loyalty from their suppliers, giving them access to innovations and levels of service their competition can only dream about.  They don’t achieve this purely by shouting and bullying, in fact the best performing organisations are often not the biggest spenders.

We help our clients to improve the value and performance they receive from their supply base, by implementing leading practice in procurement.  Our team of experienced professionals – most of whom have worked at a senior level – provide pragmatic and practical advice, through consulting assignments, coaching, and training for both procurement and non-procurement staff.

PMMS Consulting Group is one of the oldest established consultancies specialising in procurement.  Since starting in 1978 we have trained several hundred thousand people and worked as consultants and advisers to hundreds of organisations in both the public and private sectors.  We have a global database of the skills of over 10,000 procurement professionals, and have carried out organisational benchmark and diagnostic reviews for over 100 companies.  The Middle East office opened in January 2013, taking to 15 the number of countries we operate from.

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If you are involved in the procurement or management of major capital projects, learn about our innovative approach that can deliver the same project much faster and for a lower cost, at out our sister site at www.profitableprojects.org

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